Nothing But Trouble


Lola Grant is the hottest pop star in Britain and she’s about to go global. But behind the music, her addiction to bad boys is taking her personal life in a dangerous direction. When it comes to men, Lola just can’t stay away from trouble – and her self-control is pushed to the limit when she meets her handsome new drummer Jake Hunter.


Looking out for Lola is her best friend and manager Harvey Sparks. But Harvey’s fighting his own demons and can only watch from the sidelines as the star he helped create begins to fall. When Lola seeks comfort in a life of wild partying, she meets good-hearted showbiz reporter Freddy Jones, a man who may just be able to offer her a way out.



But as she starts rehearsals for her Trouble tour, Lola finds herself faced with a new threat, one much bigger than anything she’s ever experienced. And unless someone can get through to her before opening night, she’s in danger of losing everything she fought so hard for – in full view of the whole world.

"A fab.u.lous tale of love, lust, friendship and revenge.

Hold on to your seats girls, you're in for a hell of a ride!"


"A raucous, riotous and raunchy peek into the crazy world

of the music business."


"Sparkling, sexy, funny, the perfect summer read."


"Frothy and fun, this is a sun-lounger win."



"A rollercoaster ride that will have you on the edge

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- OK!


'Glorious, shameless chick lit.'


Shot Through the Heart

'Matt Cain is now the closest we have to a

home-turf Jackie Collins.' 



Mia Sinclair is the First Lady of Love, a beautiful film goddess known across the globe for her romantic roles. But in real life she has more trouble finding love than she does in the movies. And she knows just who to blame – the paparazzi.


Leo Henderson is a British photographer working in LA, loving the lifestyle and shooting the stars – especially when they don’t want to
be photographed.


When Mia meets Leo, the sparks fly. But could dating a paparazzo be the biggest mistake of her life? And how will she cope when Leo becomes jealous of her friendship with co-star Billy Spencer, the hottest actor in town but a man hiding a secret he’s worried could destroy
his career?

"A deliciously sexy romp that blows open the
scandalous secrets of Hollywood."





"Brilliantly written and utterly engrossing, Matt Cain's

debut novel is a wonderful read."




"Jackie Collins, watch your leopard print back! Matt Cain's

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"Need a companion for your beach holiday?

Look no further than this fun, glitzy tale."


"A first-class ticket to Tinseltown. Full of glitz, sex and secrets,

it’s over the top and fabulously good fun. I raced through it."




"Rollicking good fun... sexy, funny, I couldn't put it down."



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